Terms And Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions apply to your stay at Lushpads.

By staying at Lushpads you are accepting these Terms and Conditions.

Section 1: Guest Rules

1.1 Number of occupants:

The total number and names of all guests staying must be stated when booking. This number should not exceed the maximum occupancy of the apartment which you have booked. Total occupancy levels are as follows:

-Pad 1: 10 persons

-Pad 2: 4 persons

Any additional persons are not permitted to stay in the apartment without first notifying Lushpads of their details and being given written confirmation. If this is not adhered to, any additional person/s will be charged at a rate of £100 per person.

For young children, a travel cot and child safety stair gate is available on request. Please contact Lushpads for more information prior to booking. There is no additional charge for this service.

1.2 Parties and noise disturbances

Parties are strictly forbidden. A party refers to excessive noise disturbance to other residents in the building or the unauthorised admittance of other persons into the apartment without prior confirmation (see Section 1: 1.1). The apartment is located within a residential building and we request that guests respect the residents by not allowing excessive noise or unruly behaviour.

If any parties, excessive noise or unruly behaviour occurs, you will be instructed to leave the apartment immediately. No refund will be provided and you will be responsible to pay for any loss or damage. (See Section 4: 4.1 for more information)

Section 2: Booking & Payment

2.1 Secondary lease or tenancy

No booking constitutes any lease or tenancy and the stay will be only for the period detailed in the booking confirmation. Should you wish to extend your stay, you must request and receive confirmation from Lushpads that an extension has been granted and pay for any further days in advance. This is, however, subject to availability.

2.2 Payment

If your booking is made more than one month in advance of your reservation date, 50% of the payment is to be made at the time of booking; the remainder is due a minimum of 1 month before your stay. Failure to pay the full balance a minimum of one month before your stay may result in you losing your deposit and the complete booking altogether. If your booking is made within one month of your reservation date, full payment is to be made at the time of booking.

2.3 Deposit and keys

A £250 deposit will be deducted from your Credit/Debit card at the point of check-in for Pad 1, which accommodates a maximum of 10 persons. A £150 deposit will be deducted from your Credit/Debit card at the point of check-in for Pad 2, which accommodates a maximum of 4 persons.

The deposit will be refunded on check-out, with the return of both sets of keys and providing the apartment is left undamaged and in a reasonable condition. Failure to do so may result in charges (See Section 4). You will be issued with two sets of keys at check-in, which must be handed back at check-out. The keys are coded with invisible ink to ensure that they are the original keys when returned.

Please take great care of the apartment keys that are issued to you during your stay. Lost keys will be deducted from your deposit at the cost of £100. This is to cover the cost of the lock change and replacement keys.

2.4 Cancellation

As stated in Section 2: 2.2, 50% of the total cost of your stay is charged upon booking. This 50% is non-refundable after the point of booking. In the event of a no show or cancellation within one calendar month of your reservation date, full payment will be maintained. Lushpads reserves the right to cancel any bookings due to exceptional or unforeseen circumstances. Should we need to cancel your booking, the amount you have already paid will be refunded in full. No further compensation will be provided.

2.5 If due to Government Guidelines you are not allowed to stay on the dates you have booked then a credit note for alternative dates will be offered to be taken within a reasonable time period from the original date of stay. No refund or compensation will be provided.

Section 3: During Your Stay

3.1 Cleanliness and general tidiness

Guests are responsible for the apartment during their stay. Please keep the apartment reasonably clean and tidy and secure at all times. All doors and windows should be closed and locked when leaving the apartment unattended. Additional charges will apply should the apartment not be left in a reasonable condition. (See ‘Section 4: Additional Charges’)

3.2 Personal effects

Any personal effects and belongings are left in the apartment at the owners’ own risk. Lushpads will take no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal effects and belongings. If any personal items are left in the apartment they can be returned to you at your own cost.

3.3 Health and safety

Smoke alarms are fitted throughout Lushpads. In the event of a fire, you must evacuate the apartment, call the emergency services 999 and notify Lushpads on 07956086175. In the event of a fire, please do not use the lift as this is extremely hazardous and will compromise your safety. If the fire alarms bleep due to the batteries running out of power, please do not tamper with them under any circumstances. Contact Lushpads who will arrange replacement batteries as soon as possible to ensure your safety.

3.4 Car parking

Car parking is not included in the cost of your stay and any parking needed is subject to charge by external providers. The nearest available car parking can be found at the Manchester Northern Quarter NCP Car Park which is located on Church Street. For the most up to date prices please see:


3.5 Issues and comments

Any issues regarding your stay should be made as soon as possible so that we can endeavour to resolve them. Please kindly note issues are more easily resolved while you are still on the property. Please telephone or text Lushpads on 07956086175 or email jennie@lushpads.com. The quickest form of communication is by telephone or text. Preferred contact hours are between 8.00 and 22.00. In case of extreme circumstances and emergencies, The Lushpads property manager can also be reached out of office hours on this same number.

Section 4: Additional Charges

4.1 Noise disturbances and parties

Please refer to Section 1: 1.2 for details as to what constitutes a party. Please keep all noise to a minimum as to be mindful of the other apartment residents within the building where Lushpads are located. All noise should be kept to a minimum from 21:00-8:00 Sunday-Thursday and 22:00-9:00 Friday and Saturday. Noise disturbances and complaints to Lushpads from other apartment residents in the building where Lushpads are located will result in financial penalties. In extreme cases, you will be asked to leave the apartment with no financial reimbursement. Charges: Excessive Noise / Other Disturbance: £250 – Taken from the deposit. There is a MINUT noise monitor that logs sound levels/times/durations within the apartments and notifies the management team.

4.2 Smoking and pets

Please be advised that all of our apartments are non-smoking. This includes ‘out of the window’ smoking. All smoking should be done outside of the building. The nearest smoking area is at the entrance of the building. Failure to comply with our non-smoking policy will result in a cleaning charge of £50 as a minimum fee. Further fees may be applicable for fire damage and cigarette burns to the property and its fixtures and furnishings. Should there be any damage caused by someone smoking in the apartment, you will be liable for the full cost of repairs.

Pets are permitted at Lushpads only by prior arrangement and under certain circumstances. It is essential to confirm that this is acceptable prior to making a booking. Failure to comply with this part of our terms and conditions may also result in a minimum cleaning charge of £50. It is essential that all pets are fully treated for fleas prior to your stay.

4.3 Breakages

Before each guest’s arrival, Lushpads check that all appliances and items are in good working order. It is the guest’s responsibility to notify Lushpads during your stay of any utilities that are broken or not working so that Lushpads can endeavour to fix or replace any items to maximize your comfort. Guests must report any broken or damaged items to Lushpads at jennie@lushpads.com or 07956086175.

Any damage to the apartment and any items broken or removed from the apartment will be charged for and deducted from the guest’s deposit. Please note: For maintenance issues during a stay at Lushpads, access may be required. Employees of Lushpads or nominated company representatives shall be allowed access to the property at all reasonable times for purposes of inspection or to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance. Notice will be given and disruption will be kept to a minimum.

Any damage to the apartment will be charged at the full cost of repair. If any repairs require the apartment to be unavailable for other guests you will also be charged the daily rate for the days it is unavailable and up until the repairs have been completed. Lost/Stolen Items: Full cost to replace – Taken from the deposit/credit card details provided.

4.4 Additional cleaning

Additional charges will apply should the apartment not be left in a reasonable condition. The term ‘reasonable condition’ refers to the guest/s leaving the apartment in a similar condition to that of which they found it when they arrived. This includes the condition that litter items should be placed in the bin and not litter the floor and throughout the apartment. Additional charges may be made for; heavily stained bedding, general stains to furniture and fixtures, chips, dents and surface scratches, smoking, vomit and other bodily fluids, littering on the floor and any other circumstances where the apartment has not been left in a reasonable condition.

Should the property be left in a condition that it will require more intensive cleaning; this will be charged at £20 per hour. This will be determined at check out and will be deducted from the deposit.

4.5 Early check-in and late checkout

Check-in time is from 15:00 on the first day of your booking and check out time is by 11:00 on the last morning of your booking. The cleaners arrive by 11:00 when you are to depart, so you must ensure that you have checked out by then. If a late checkout or an early check-in is required, it has to be confirmed by prior arrangement. This is subject to availability and additional charges apply.

By prior arrangement, you can drop your bags off at the apartment from 12:00 at no additional charge. Please be aware that bag drop off is not a time to change or use the facilities in the apartment, it is only to drop your bags off at the door. Under certain circumstances, you may be able to quickly use the facilities, again by prior arrangement only. However, large groups will not be permitted to enter the apartment until check-in.

Early Check-In / Late Check-Out: Approximately £20 per hour depending on the day and number of hours. Prior arrangement is essential and subject to availability.

Disclaimer: Privacy and security statement:

If you are booking online, your credit card and booking details are taken through a secure browser connection and the information you provide is protected. Your addresses and personal details are kept for information and payment purposes. Any other information that we keep about you is held and used strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998.

Lushpads staff: right of entry:

Employees of Lushpads or nominated company representatives shall be allowed access at any point of time in the event of emergency repairs.